The Mat

The Mat

The Mat 

By Alexis Anderson 


I om and I can feel the universe inside 

The connection between us is quantified

I salute the sun for it teaches me how 

to flow with spirit, inviting me to "now" 

Stretching and reaching my body open

Healing myself from when I was broken 

I feel my muscles work with determination 

My being resists residing in stagnation. 

I balance with engagement and focus 

Then proceed to open my heart in locust 

My back bends to keep my spine free 

From the years that have conditioned me

To feel less than my truest self 

Self-love is worth more than any amount of wealth

My core burns with magnificent strength

Lighting the space with grace and length 

Grounding into the earth, my feet root 

Soaking in the labor and its fruit

Hanumanasana summons my attention 

Hips opening, reminded of all creation 

Inversions help me find new perspective 

And keep me away from always being "detective" 

I twist my body to wring out the old 

Breathing and cleansing before I unfold

Savasana calls and asks me to rest 

I place my hands on my heart beating through my chest 

I observe the thoughts that come and go 

Without judgement release them and know:

“You are not what you think, you are so much more”

Cells vibrating with aliveness, my vessel rests on the floor. 

Step back, my body radiants a magnificent glow

Vitality and love abound when I tap into this flow

Yoga is my medicine 

To assist in the reveal of what is genuine 

Layers and layers still to uncover 

Drop the self-doubt, become your own biggest lover

Over and over we practice and meet  

The mat, sacred space beneath two feet. 


Reverse warrior at Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR 

Reverse warrior at Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR 

My Children Teach Me

My Children Teach Me