Mamma Bare was created to collect and organize all of my ideas, projects, and inspirations. It is a collection of sometimes fleeting and random thoughts with little direction, just a strong desire to be my quirky, honest, and transparent self. 

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." -Friedrich Neitzsche


This is me. 

My name is Alexis Jordyn Anderson. I grew up in Orange County, California where I was raised by both of my parents who later divorced when I was in 6th grade. Music is one of the many arts that inspire me greatly. Throughout all of high school I played flute and piccolo. I practiced hours a day and loved performing solos. In fact, I have always loved being in the spotlight. I read philosophy books and geeked out in AP Chemistry class. That wasn't the only experimenting I was doing either. I muddled with drugs, mostly psychedelics, throughout high school which my dad was extremely against. He was so concerned that he sent me to rehab multiple times. I eventually admitted to my "problem" and attended NA & AA meetings weekly. I had over a year clean in the program and worked my steps with a sponsor. 

Shortly after high school, I began go-go dancing in Los Angeles where I faked my age, where I was from, and pretty much everything about myself. You see, I have always been the rebellious type. Shortly after I began dancing I relapsed and gave up on the program I once thought "saved my life". I met a man named Aaron at the club I used to work at. I fell in love with him when I was 17 (he didn't know my age at the time). It was a very rocky start which may have been from the culmination of lack of sleep and extensive drug use. We became a couple and in the summer of 2012 we moved to Fresno, CA to be closer to his son, Brayden. 

We struggled to get sober for months. Those were some of the darkest days of my life. Super Bowl day of 2013 we were getting ready to go to a party. I was so bloated and tired I could barely move. I told Aaron that I wouldn't go because I felt so fat, I could not hide the belly pooch! Aaron ran to the store to grab some pregnancy tests just incase. I still remember feeling faint seeing those two lines that indeed meant we were pregnant! I immediately stopped using meth and have not touched it since. I have not had any cravings and still have no desire to ever use it again. 

My yoga journey began shortly after I found out I became pregnant. I started practicing at Sisters Yoga, a female only community. I felt very safe practicing there. I knew yoga was good for my baby and labor but I had no idea how much it would totally revolutionize my world. I also began cooking and found I was interested and passionate about it early on. I would try new recipes every week and measure everything out precicesly. It is funny to look back and remember how meticilous I was! I loved learning about food and creating special meals made with love for my family to eat and nourish their bodies.  

Ethan Roberson was born into this world September 16, 2013 at Clovis Community Hospital where I delivered him without any pain medications. In fact, my doctor barely got there in time! I grew closer to Aaron than I ever thought I could over the next few weeks. I was madly in love. 

I began teaching yoga shortly after I brought little Ethan into this world. Fast forward a couple years later and we have moved to a big beautiful house in the country. I had a giant kitchen and dove into the world of baking. I then began rock climbing and teaching at Metalmark Climbing & Fitness where I found a love for this group of dirty, sweaty hippies that just wanted to be outdoors with the wind in their messy tangled hair. The type of people Jack Kerouac would refer to as "the mad ones". I was more inspired by these free-spirited, open-minded people than anyone else I had met in my life.

We decided in April 2015 we wanted to have another baby and became pregnant on our first try. I went through a deep mourning process when I found out I was having another boy and read many articles on gender disappointment. I got backlash from a lot of people claiming, "just be happy it is a healthy baby!." But I found it important to talk about this very real topic in a way that was vulnerable and frankly true regardless of if the baby was healthy or not. After I got over that, we decided on a home birth with a midwife. We had the most magical experience imaginable. Landon Chase Roberson was born in our own bed on January 5, 2016. He is a mamma's boy, let me tell you. I advocated for breastfeeding moms during this time and used the hashtag #freetheboob often. 

Six short weeks after Landon was born Aaron got terrible news that the company he worked for was going bankrupt and he would not receive a full paycheck. He immediately began the job interview process, interviewing with Google, Playstation, and of course Nike. He was hired in late February at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR and within a week we moved all the way to Portland, OR. We love it here. In fact, we love it so much in Southeast Portland that we bought our first home here! I left my job behind as well and became a full-time stay-at-home mom. 

I want to be transparent. I want to reveal the quirky side of myself. I want to create a rawness that is so authentic and true. I want to lay it all out there and bare it all for the world to see.